How is the local real estate market affected by COVID-19?

April 15, 2020

Hi everyone I’m excited to
let you know that we have a new office location assist2sell has moved to
3000 Cleveland Avenue in Marinette Wisconsin. Take a drive by you can’t miss us.

So here’s what you need to know regarding the coronavirus in the real estate market on the Wisconsin side and the Michigan side since we are a bordering state.

Is it a good time to sell? Yes it is the market is stable people are looking at homes online and they are driving by it gives them something to do, you have plenty of time if you’re not on the market to prepare your home inside and out.

Is it a good time to buy? Yes. It is the rates are low and I’m getting a few inquiries saying, hey I heard the banks aren’t giving money that is absolutely not true. Loans are out there and banks are lending. The process has slowed down but they are still lending money and the rates are still low so get out there and continue to look buy a home. It is a good time to either list or sell.

On the Wisconsin side we are considered essential. Real estate agents can still conduct showings and at Assist2Sell, we put our clients and customers foremost with safety so we are conducting showings and we are looking at homes and we are being safe for everyone especially because we truly care about the community.

On the Michigan side we are considered non-essential. Real estate agents are not supposed to have any face-to-face appointments on the Michigan side. We have found a way to work around that, so again if you are interested on the Michigan side, don’t hesitate on giving us a call. We have a lot of new listings coming up and I am sure you’re gonna want to get into them.

So again please, it is a good time to list, it is a good time to sell. The real estate market is stable whether you’re on the Michigan side or the Wisconsin side and remember: Friends don’t let friends pay 6%.