Should I list my home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

May 5, 2020

Should I be selling my home during this covid-19 pandemic the answer when we return.

Yes, every Market is different fortunately locally the Marinette and Menominee County Market is still a strong seller’s market even with the COVID-19.

We’ve had a slight hiccup our January February spring Market was extremely busy. It was a little bit slow during this COVID-19, but it is not losing momentum and it won’t the interest rates are sellers are still maintaining value and we have a low Supply and we have a stable demand.

It’s only going to increase we are so blessed that Marinette Marine did get their 800 million dollar contract and it is going to be a very economically strong local market.

So get ready to sell if you’re thinking of trading out trading down give us a call.

We are full-time. We are full service.

We charge a flat fee. Our clients are saving a lot of money. That’s right. $2995 is what we charge to list and sell your home and we do it right and remember:

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