How The Community is Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic #MJBStrong

May 3, 2020

#MJB strong many of you are aware of who MJB is and I’m happy to report through your support and prayers, He will be coming home soon and is getting stronger every day.

So if you’re still interested in getting a sticker, please let us know give us a call, we’ll be happy to deliver it or you can pick them up at our Assist2Sell office in Marinette or Apple Jacks in Marinette.

So I talked about this community and how they pulled together during this COVID-19 pandemic and the positives that I see. I don’t see the number of people out at the store the cars in the parking lot, what I see are the essential workers that show up for work everyday. All the cleaning that is being done to assure that we are safe, cleaning people that show up at the hospital, the gas stations all the businesses, all of you. The teachers that are supporting the children that are trying to learn and work from home. The Community is so strong and so amazing that you need to just feel good about living in Marinette and Menominee County. Thirty years of doing real estate, I hear it all the time are transitional people that come into this area cannot believe how neighbor friendly everyone is and how they feel good about living in this beautiful community. So again, thank you.